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Now Available ONLINE from UrbanEvergreen.ca

or In Store at Pin This! Sewing & HobbyReduce your dependence on single-use plastic wrap & baggies
Get started with an eco-friendly beeswax wrap.
The Starter set provides a wrap for most situations.

This Starter set contains the following:

1 L wrap    – 13″ x 14″
1 M wraps – 10″ x 10″
2 S wraps  – 7″ x 7″

Due to their handmade nature, sizes may vary slightly.

Proudly handmade with 100% cotton, Saskatchewan Beeswax, tree resin, coconut & jojoba oils, lemongrass essential oil. Naturally antibacterial properties help to keep your food fresh.  Wrap allows food to breathe while remaining covered (as a rind or peel would)

To Use:  Allow the heat of your hands to mould and shape the wrap.
Replace plastic wrap or baggies for Cheeses, breads, snacks and leftovers.
Cover bread dough & fermenting items.

 To Clean: Simply wipe gently in cool/cold water with a small amount of alcohol free dish soap.  (wash like a plate, not a rag) Refresh older wraps in time with a refresh kit!  Compost-able at the end of their life span.

Do NOT: Microwave or expose to hot temperatures (dishwasher, hot foods)
Do NOT:  use with RAW meats or fish.


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