Welcome to Pin This! Sewing & Hobby, located in Meadow Lake, SK

This sewing studio aims bring back the practical art of sewing, with a modern twist. Its a bit of a dying art, but it’s also something that teaches useful lifelong skills. And it’s something anyone can learn to do, regardless of age.

Sewing machines are supplied.  You don’t NEED to bring your own, but you certainly may if you wish, especially if you have a new-to-you machine that you want to practice on.

I offer Kids Classes & Camps – No need to be bored during school breaks.  Think of it a bit like piano lessons. Students can start anytime, and work through the course materials at their own pace.

Adult classes & workshops – Learn to sew courses, project workshops (check out the samples), and Ladies Nights.  There is definitely something for everyone.

Open studio time – Got a project you want to work on in your own time? But don’t have the space or equipment to do it?  For either a drop-in fee or monthly membership, you can rent studio time to work on your projects.  I’m available to help, but since I’ll be working on my own projects, or tending the storefront, this time is not to be considered one-on-one lessons.

And finally – we will need some supplies (without making special trips to the big city.) A limited (but curated) selection of fabrics, notions, and supplies to make any of our projects.  Kits are available for some projects, or you can always use a kit builder option. Some fabrics and notions are available online, and available to ship. – Check out the store.