I’m Christine Schmidt, self professed geek & book lover.  The first time I designed something was when I was forced to play barbies with my sister as a child, my mom let me use her scrap basket to make them some clothes. I received my certificate of fashion design in 1995. Since then, I’ve designed or made outfits for weddings: wedding gowns, bridesmaids, ring bearer & flower girls, mother-of-the-bride.  Grad gowns, tailored shirts and vests.  And 20+ years of halloween costumes of course.  I adore costuming and cosplay.  At one point before my children wanted their own rooms, I had nearly 200 costumes available for rent.  Though I stopped renting & sold my inventory in 2000, I have a considerable “tickle trunk” that has accumulated.

Recently I’ve begun sewing for myself again, as there are so many nice fabrics available on the market, not just for quilters, but for apparel as well.  It’s much more satisfying to spend a day sewing something to have a perfect fit, than spending the same amount of time and money trying on a frustratingly endless parade of poorly fitting outfits in the store. Sewing something for yourself is such a gratifying experience.

I want to thank my friends and family for providing financial and business advice, assisting with photography and social media, building and moving furniture, acting as fit models and “guinea pigs”, product testers, and research assistants. Thank you for supplying me with plenty of love, moral support and coffee!

Some examples of my work: