I first discovered beeswax wraps in 2017. I can’t quite recall what caught my eye, but I had been looking for things to make with my fabric stash, that wouldn’t waste a bunch of materials.

Waste is a big deal. You might not think that plastic waste on the Prairies is much of a concern, but outside of our major urban centres the waste quickly becomes apparent. Wandering the countryside we see plastics dumped on the side of the road, blown into the trees, and unearthed on the trails. Plastic doesn’t stay confined to the trash pile, it’s distributed by the wild-life. And food containing plastic is a tremendous temptation. When I discovered this concept, I had an epiphany moment. What an awesome idea for a product, or for a workshop! I had some work to do.

I spent several months researching compounds and components, finding out why the ingredients we use are chosen, and which recipes worked best for our materials. There are so many factors that play into how these are made. From the source of your beeswax, to the weight and finish of your fabric, to the ratio of your ingredients. No two makers will create wraps in exactly the same way.

Some of my first attempts were too sticky, some were not sticky enough. Some had the wax on too stiff, some were too soft. There is trial and error involved in perfecting your craft. One thing I didn’t care for in other wraps that I had purchased was the stiffness of the product. I was after something softer, more pliable in the hands. Something that clings to itself, and that works just as well in the cold. It took many iterations to hit upon just the right combination.

The current wraps contain just a hint of lemongrass essential oils, to complement the sweetness of the beeswax. It makes for a subtle but delightful bright and fresh aroma.

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